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5 tips to keep your refrigerator clean – Times of India

September 22, 2021

The refrigerator is one of the most frequently used appliances in the kitchen. We have to open and close it the whole day, storing food and bringing it out. Yet, it’s one of those appliances which is often ignored while cleaning your kitchen.
A clean fridge not only increases the longevity of the appliance but also ensures that your food is safe at home. Here are some tips about how to clean different zones of your refrigerator. Zone defence is important while cleaning your fridge!
Don’t let this part go out of hand, else it will give you a hard time while cleaning your fridge. Always store your food in leakproof and airtight containers. Maintain a regular inventory and discard spoiled food as soon as possible. You can make it a habit by wiping down bins and shelves before storing your grocery every week
Cleaning is not just a matter of good presentation, but it’s also important for preservation. Spills and spoiled food leave behind mold spores and increase bacterial growth resulting in other foods being spoiled. The odour from a single compartment can invade the fridge as they usually share the same airflow.
A deep clean of your refrigerator is recommended every six months. This includes emptying the whole refrigerator and turning it off at the circuit breaker. Store the perishable items in a cooler while cleaning the freezer.
Remove as many drawers and shelves and acclimate them to room temperature, as applying warm water to cool objects can cause them to crack. Turning off will allow you to keep the fridge door open as long as you need.
Clean these parts with water and mild detergent, rinse properly and wipe it dry. Abrasives, cleaning agents and cleaner solvent can corrode or damage surfaces. In case of a meat juice leak or anything messier, sanitise the freezer with a mild bleach solution after using soap and water. Leave the door open for 15 minutes to help with the air circulation.
Simple water and soap solution is enough for the exterior of your refrigerator, just like the interior. If the outer surface is stainless steel, you can use a product exclusively made for appliances. If you have a modern fingerprint-resistant stainless surface, don’t use the appliance cleaner, it can affect the coating. In this case, use foamy water or just a moist microfiber cloth. Non-stainless exteriors can be cleaned with either foamy water or all-purpose spray cleaners.
Use a vacuum attachment or a hand vac or just simply wipe out the gaskets to get rid of any hidden debris, then use the trusty water and detergent. It can be trusted on touch screens as well, for smart refrigerators, don’t use spray cleaners.
Down and Back
The area under your fridge is like a black hole for small things. Dog food, grains of rice, dried beans and anything tiny that can slide there and most importantly a lot of dust gets sucked in there. You should focus on this spot at least once every year to boost appliance efficiency, save your electricity bill and the environment.
If you clean this space once every month, you don’t need to worry about getting behind the fridge. You don’t need to move the appliance every time you clean it. Use a duster or an additional vacuum hose to get it done.
Stinks and smells
The general interior washing tips play a very important part in addressing the stinks, but there are times when you have to walk the extra mile. If you can’t trace the odour, check for spoiled food. If you find it, discard it right away.
Destroy mildew by wiping the inside with an equal mix of vinegar and water. Keep baking soda or some fresh ground coffee in a small container under the refrigerator (even freezer, if needed). Vanilla is also an air freshener that’s easily available.
Last but not the least, filters are very important to keep your fridge clean. Usually, refrigerators have at least one water filter and some have individual filters for ice and water. Generally, these need to be changed every six months, but always consult the manual for safety.
Modern refrigerators have more innovative filters that need to be changed regularly. There are certain air filters that capture the ethylene gas, a catalyst responsible for rotting. The refrigerator might notify you if the filter needs to be changed. It’s good to keep some spare air filters handy.

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