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age of empires 4: Watch: Age of Empires 4 multiplayer match hosted by Microsoft – Times of India

September 20, 2021

Microsoft is all set to launch Age of Empires IV, its ambitious upcoming RTS title, on October 28. The Age of Empires team at Microsoft recently held an open beta for the game as part of its technical stress test where almost anyone could try their hands on the upcoming game. The reason why Microsoft held the game stress test was to sound it out before it launched, by testing the network load, stability and other technical details, so that any irregularities or glitches could be ironed out. Here is the full multiplayer match of Age of Empires 4 played by the game developers, in which the opposing factions are the Rus and the Holy Roman Empire. So AoE fans, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

The Holy Roman Empire comes with a powerful infantry army and early access to religious units. Their Prelate unit can perform the dual functions of supporting and healing their brothers-in-arms. The army of the empire will also feature the Landsknecht with their double-handed swords.
The Rise of Moscow campaign of The Rus will be available to the players at launch. The Streltsy and Warrior Monks form the backbone of the Rus infantry. As per the developers, “Streltsy’s combination of axe and gunpowder partnered with the conversion capabilities of Warrior Monks will make a Rus army a force to be reckoned with.” The Russians major strength will be in their cavalry and the civilisation would be skilled at hunting, trading and construction. Players will get to play the campaigns of both factions in the game.
Apart from The Rus and The Holy Roman Empire, Age of Empires IV features the Chinese, the Delhi Sultanate, the English, the Mongols, the French and the Abbasid Dynasty as the playing factions.

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