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age of empires: Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition to get two new civilisations – Times of India

July 26, 2021

The Definitive Edition of Age of Empires 3 will get two new, African civilisations on August 2. They are The Ethiopians and The Hausa. It is not a free game content update, however. The civilisations are part of The African Royals downloadable content (DLC) pack, which can be pre-ordered for Rs 349 on Steam and for Rs 699 on Microsoft Store. Those with Xbox Game Pass for PC can get it from the Microsoft Store for Rs 524.25.
The army units of Ethiopia consist of Shotel Warriors, the Oromo, the Neftenya etc. The Hausa, on the other hand, have the Maigadi guards, Fulani Archers, fast Raiders and the Lifidi Knights. The DLC also adds 15 new African maps, and 5 new indigenous African civilisations to forge alliances with.
3 new Historical Battles
The African Royals DLC will also add 3 new Historical Battles: The Battle of the Three Kings, Fall of the Hausa and The Era of the Princes
In The Battle of the Three Kings, the invading armies of King Sebastian of Portugal attack Morocco. The sultan’s forces rush to defend it.
Fall of the Hausa is the story of Usman dan Fodio, scholar, writer, and military leader of the Hausa city-state of Gobir, who has been exiled for calling the ways of life of the city elites into question. Fulani nomads, Hausa peasants and escaped slaves gather under his banner for the revolution.
In The Era of the Princes, Kassa Hailu, a veteran of the Ethiopian-Egyptian wars, decides to bring the fight to the warlords who are ravaging the lands of Ethiopia in their power struggle. The goal? To uplift the downtrodden peasants of the country.

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