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All Motorola smartphones will not get future Android updates, here’s why – Times of India

July 30, 2021

NEW DELHI: Lenovo-owned Motorola is making some changes to its Android update policy. According to an online report the smartphone maker said that it will not roll out an Android update for all Moto smartphones.
As reported by Android Authority, Motorola explains that in the future Android updates will be made available to phone models depending on how long people use them. The company will give one major Android update to all the Moto smartphones, but the second update will be subjective.
In a statement given to Android Authority the company said, “Each device has its own merit in terms of where it needs to be updated and how many updates it does get. We do commit on the one OS update, and obviously we continue to review that. If we do find that the device has a longer life cycle in the market, we’ll obviously review to see whether it needs more OS upgrades.”
These new policy changes will not be liked by many. For instance, if people switch or upgrade their Moto device early, there are chances it could ruin the long-term use of a phone for others.
Motorola is now saying that it will update phones as long as people keep them. However, there are chances that people will upgrade their phone if they feel that it’s abandoned and will not get updated to the latest software.
Apart from this, Motorola has also confirmed that it will give two guaranteed Android updates and regular monthly updates to its recently launched Moto Edge 20 series of smartphones. These new smartphones are protected by ThinkShield for mobile which offers additional security protection.

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