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Amazon: Amazon to launch Kindle Vella in July – Times of India

June 16, 2021

Amazon is bringing a new storytelling option with the Kindle. Called Kindle Vella, the service will allow authors to publish their stories in a serialised format, one episode at a time. For the now, the feature will be limited to readers in the US using the Kindle iOS app and Kindle Vella will be introduced by mid to late July this year, Amazon announced this in a post on the Kindle Direct Publishing site.
The serialised stories can be published weekly on a new online store called Kindle Vella. The first few episodes of the story will be free and after that users have to buy credits to gain access to the rest of the content. The authors will get 50% of what the readers spend on their stories. For 200 tokens, the credits start at $1.99, where one token is worth 100 words of content. An episode may contain about 600-5000 words.
If you are an author and readers like what you have written, they can show their appreciation for your story by giving a thumbs up and even add them as their weekly favourite by giving a ‘Fav’. The stories that get the most ‘Fav’s will then be highlighted by Amazon and in that way, there is more chance for them to reach new readers. As mentioned above, Kindle Vella will be rolled out to users in the US first and then only it will be launched in other countries and regions in the world. Here’s hoping Amazon launches it on Kindle e-readers and the Kindle Android app too.

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