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Amazon: Amazon’s game New World is proving popular even before launch, here’s how – Times of India

July 28, 2021

Amazon’s upcoming MMO New World is proving popular with players across the world with its beta getting over 2,00,000 concurrent players on Steam, as per SteamDB. The game’s beta was opened to players on July 20 but the player count really ratcheted up when the weekend came. Over the weekend, the game managed an all-time high number of 200,856 concurrent players. Amazon Games has had little success with some of its developing projects before and this news should perk up the developers of New World.
If you want to try out the New World beta, you will have to first sign-up on its official website and from there you can get a chance for beta access. The closed beta will be available until August 2, 2021.
New World: Explore the island of Aeturnum
In New World, you’ll get to play as an adventurer who gets shipwrecked on the “supernatural” island of Aeturnum. On the island, you’ll have to build a life and explore it to find its mysteries. As per the developers, Aeturnum is a world “where supernatural power has changed all the rules.”
It is an open-world game and you should expect to log in plenty of hours for this game should it take your fantasy as other successful open-world games like Skyrim have done. Amazon’s New World allows you to play alone, in small teams or as part of armies for PvE and PvP matches. The fantasy title is set on the three foundations of “fight, forage, and forge”.
New World: Launch date
The New World MMO is set to launch on August 31 and can be preordered for Rs 1,499 on Steam. There is also a Deluxe Edition of the game, priced at Rs 1,799.
Also, a Lord of the Rings MMO is also said to be in the works by Amazon. Let’s hope it proves to be a game worthy of the fantasy tale.

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