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Amazon: Blame social media for fake and paid reviews, not us, says Amazon – Times of India

June 17, 2021

If you are a regular online shopper you know better than to believe all the product reviews as some of them are fake or paid.
Now, e-commerce giant Amazon has also recognised the challenge it poses for customers to trust the reviews.
On its part, Amazon said that when it comes to fake reviews it continuously detects “fake reviews and connections between bad-actor buying and selling accounts.” Due to this, there is an “increasing trend of bad actors attempting to solicit fake reviews outside Amazon, particularly via social media services. Some use social media services on their own; in other cases, they hire a third-party service provider to perpetrate this activity on their behalf.”
The company said that since this “transaction” happens outside Amazon, it has limited control over such activity, and therefore social media companies need to play an active role in order to curb it.
Amazon even highlights that in the first three months of 2020 how a particular social media company took a median time of 45 days to shut down more than 300 groups it had flagged for such activities. For the same period in 2021, Amazon reported more than 1,000 such groups, with social media services taking a median time of five days to take them down.
Asking the social media companies to act more actively Amazon said, “While we appreciate that some social media companies have become much faster at responding, to address this problem at scale, it is imperative for social media companies to invest adequately in proactive controls to detect and enforce fake reviews ahead of our reporting the issue to them.”

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