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Android users, here are seven fitness apps you can use for yoga – Times of India

June 21, 2021

It is International Day of Yoga today and the best way to celebrate is to practice it. Whether you are someone who already works out every day or just someone who may want two days to mentally prepare yourself before a workout, yoga can be suitable for all. If you are an Android user, then there are a host of apps you will find on Google Play Store to do yoga. Here’s a look at these apps:
Yoga for Weight Loss Free – Daily Workout at Home
This app comes with a 30-day yoga workout plan for weight loss. It has daily workouts with exercises for dedicated body parts. It offers no equipment routines making it easier for users to work out. The app allows its users to sync workout and calorie data to Google Fit and keep a track of burned calories and weight loss progress.
Yoga for Kids and Family fitness – Easy Workout
If you are a parent and are trying to make your kids familiar with the concept of staying fit, then this app can be useful Aimed at kids of up to 12 years of age, this app offers animated videos, especially for kids. Besides this, it also had additional information on a healthy diet, healthy eating and healthy recipes for kids.
Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga Workout at Home
Aimed especially at beginners, this app offers a guide to yoga with all basic asanas, Yoga poses, sequences, terminology. It also includes breathing exercises.
5 Minute Yoga
If you are someone who doesn’t have too much time to spare for a dedicated one hour Yoga session, then this app may be of interest to you. It offers quick and easy daily yoga workouts with clear images and detailed instruction. All sessions on this app are less than 5 minutes.
Yoga-Go: Yoga For Weight Loss
Yoga-Go is said to offer customised fitness and weight loss plans that give users an all-inclusive solution to fitness. Users can choose their age and do workouts that suit their needs the best.
Daily Yoga | Fitness Yoga Plan Meditation App
Ranked as Google Play Editor Choice, this app offers sessions from over 40 coaches who are recognised across the world. It also includes sessions for both advanced practitioners as well as a beginner.
Claimed to be one of the best apps for sleep, meditation and relaxation, this app offers guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music.

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