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apple: Apple has issued a warning to this tipster – Times of India

June 24, 2021

Apple has sent warnings to reliable tipster “Kang” and some other leakers too through its lawyers, advising them not to disclose information about the products the company is yet to release, says a report by Macrumors. The report is based upon posts on Kang’s Weibo account that says the tech giant sent admonitory letters to a certain number of leakers, including Kang. For evidence, Apple shared the screenshots of Kang’s Weibo account, in which he has talked about the issues he’s faced with the iPhone, release dates of the upcoming Apple products and buying suggestions meant for his followers. Amongst others, his leaks regarding the full iPhone 12 lineup, the HomePod, Apple Watch SE etc have come out to be true. No wonder this has got Apple worried.
The tech giant is reportedly of the view that the product-related information that’s leaked by tipsters may provide the company’s competitors with valuable information and at the same time “mislead customers, because what is disclosed may not be accurate.”
As for Kang, the tipster has reportedly said that since “I have never published undisclosed product pictures” or sold information, Apple must take exception to “riddles and dreams” about its undisclosed projects””, referring to the Apple-related leaks termed “dreams” that have been put up by leakers such as “L0vetodream,” by hinting at Apple’s plans without giving away too much information. As per the report, Kang added that he won’t be posting riddles and dreams in the future because going by Apple logic, even “dreaming will violate their confidentiality mechanism”. In his defence, he also said that he had not misled consumers and had the right to make his iPhone experience known to others.

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