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apple: Apple will continue to sell this four-year-old Apple Watch – Times of India

September 15, 2021

Amidst all the major announcements at its biggest event, the one that caught the eye was related to the Apple Watch. While the new Apple Watch Series 7 was the headline-grabbing act, it was the Watch Series 3 that made you sit up and take note. Why so? Because it’s a four-year-old smartwatch and Apple will continue to sell it. It’s an anomaly because Apple rarely keeps such an old product in its lineup.
Interestingly, Apple hasn’t reduced the price of Watch Series 3. It is still selling for Rs 20,990 in India. Generally, Apple reduces the price of older models of its products when the newer ones come. Even last year when a lot of people were expecting the Watch Series 3 to be discontinued, Apple didn’t do so.
Why the Apple Watch Series 3 matters?
Simply because it’s the most affordable Apple Watch you can buy. It gives Apple a chance to get people into its ecosystem — more so to get them to buy an Apple Watch. Apple knows that once people get into its Watch ecosystem, it’s incredibly hard to leave. Watch Series 3 is that product that is the ideal entry point for most buyers.
The next Apple Watch which is available is the Watch SE — a toned-down variant of Watch Series 6. The Watch Series 6, by the way, has been officially discontinued.
The Watch Series 7 meanwhile will be available in five aluminium case colours, including midnight, starlight, green, and a new blue and (PRODUCT)RED.

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