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apple: Apple won’t let you downgrade your iPhone after this iOS update – Times of India

September 21, 2021

Apple has released iOS 15 for iPhones and with that, the company has stopped signing iOS 14.7.1. This means that Apple iPhone users with new iOS updates can no longer downgrade to iOS 14.7.1. So, if you are already using iOS 14.8 or have upgraded to iOS 15 then you cannot downgrade, even if you want to.
Released in July, iOS 14.7.1 was focused on fixing a bug that was averting Apple Watch from being unlocked by iPhones with Touch ID.
Apple regularly stops signing legacy codes after a new iOS build is launched as it allows the company to keep more devices on feature-rich versions and it also protects users from hackers that try to use newly discovered weak links. As per a report on AppleInsider, the loophole in iOS 14.7.1 was used by infamous Pegasus spyware made by NSO group.
Just before the new-generation iOS 15 was released, Apple rolled out a security-focused iOS 14.8 update for iPhone users. This update fixed a vulnerability that passed through Apple’s BlastDoor security system.
Although the company doesn’t recommend downgrading to an older iOS build, iPhone users who jailbreak their devices often prefer this process. Users who face battery issues and any other bugs when they install a new iOS build update also try to downgrade their operating system.
This week, Apple launched iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 for iPhones and iPads. With the updates, the company not only added new features to its devices but also introduced a bunch of new security upgrades such as Mail Privacy Protection, Intelligent Tracking Prevention, App Privacy Report and many more.
iOS 15 is only available to install in iPhone models launched after 2015 or above iPhone 6S. The new build provides exclusive features to newer-generation iPhone models while fixing the security vulnerabilities of older devices.

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