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Apple iPhone users, Google makes it faster for you to use Maps – Times of India

July 29, 2021

Google has added support for Home Screen widgets on Google Maps for iOS. There are four widgets that are aimed at making it faster for iPhone users to use Google Maps. With just one tap, you can use the widget to search for restaurants, petrol pumps and can even start navigation on select routes. Another widget will help you to instantly check traffic status of a particular route that you have selected. You can put these widgets directly on the home screen.
To use the new widgets feature, you will have to update Google Maps on your iPhone to version 7.74. Just visit the App Store to update the app. With these widgets, you can access the most needed features right from the home screen.
Once you have updated the app, you can easily add the widgets by tapping the Edit button on the Today View screen. You will find four new widgets– Google Local guides, Google Traffic, Google Transit Departures and Google Travel Times.

Apple introduced widgets with the iOS 14 update last year. Widgets can be placed anywhere between the apps and it is totally customisable in terms of placement, shape and size. Users get three different sizes to choose from and freedom to place it anywhere on the home screen as per their choice. There’s also something called Smart Stack-style widgets which you can create one by dragging and dropping the same size widgets on the top of each other.
Meanwhile, Google Maps has added a new feature with which users in Delhi will be able to get real-time bus information in Google Maps. With this new feature you can get information about which bus to catch and you will get to see when the next bus is actually arriving at your stop. Google Maps will also give an estimation of how long your trip is going to take, and if your bus is delayed. Google Transit will automatically update the times in line with the new conditions. Arrival times based on real-time information available are marked in green or red on Google Maps.

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