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Apple may add under-display fingerprint scanner and Face ID in iPhones – Times of India

July 29, 2021

Apple has filed a patent with the USPTO for under-display camera sensors to be used in biometric face authentication systems like Touch ID and FaceID for the iPhones. In the current iPhones, the image sensors are placed in the notch, close to the display, which is the conventional method but the future iPhones could have the camera sensors placed underneath the display. So, it is highly likely that Apple could do away with the notch with the iPhone 14 or later versions, giving the display complete dominance at the front of the iPhone. The under-display camera sensors could be used for FaceID and TouchID both.
Apple says in the patent that the extra area taken by the camera sensors in the conventional method robs the actual display area of space and leads to undesirable increase in the apparent size of the bezels circumscribing the display and also undesirably causing an increase in the size and the volume of the housing of the electronic device.
The abstract for the patent reads: “Systems and methods for through-display imaging. A display includes an imaging aperture defined through an opaque backing. An optical imaging array is aligned with the aperture. Above the aperture, the display is arranged and/or configured for increased optical transmittance. For example, a region of the display above, or adjacent to, the imaging aperture can be formed with a lower pixel density than other regions of the display, thereby increasing inter-pixel distance (e.g., pitch) and increasing an area through which light can traverse the display to reach the optical imaging array.”

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