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ATM pin: RBI has not issued this ATM PIN message – Times of India

June 15, 2021

A false message is being circulated on social media platforms which says that pressing the ‘Cancel’ button twice on an ATM machine can prevent PIN theft. The message is claimed to be Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) tip to prevent ATM PIN thefts. The government has now clarified that the message is fake and misinformation via a Twitter post .
“A post falsely attributed to @RBI claims that pressing ‘cancel’ twice on ATM before a transaction can prevent PIN theft #PIBFactCheck..The statement is #FAKE and has NOT been issued by RBI”, reads a tweet shared by the official Twitter handle of PIB Fact Check. For those unaware, it is the fact checking arm of the Press Information Bureau (PIB).

As being circulated online, the message emphasises that people should make it a habit to press cancel twice before every transaction. It goes on to state that if anyone has set up the keypad to steal your PIN code, this will cancel the set up.
The government also shared tips that a user can adopt to ensure ensure that the ATM transaction is secure. These include:

  • Conducting ATM transfer in privacy.
  • Avoid writing ATM PIN on the card.

Recently, the RBI permitted banks to increase ATM interchange fees beyond the free monthly permissible limit from next year. Currently, customers are eligible for five free transactions every month from their own bank ATMs. This limit, however, is three and five in metro and non-metro cities for other bank ATMs. Beyond this free permissible limit, they are charged Rs 15 for financial transaction and Rs 5 for non-financial transaction. It is now increased to Rs 17 and Rs 6 for financial and non-financial transactions, respectively.

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