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Azah Period Panties for Women – Size Medium | Leak Proof Protection for Periods | Breathable Panties for All Day & Night Comfort | Reusable and odour-free period panties

December 19, 2021

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SOFT, BREATHABLE LAYER: Azah Period Underwear is composed of breathable, soft material which protects you from irritation and rashes and provides utmost comfort to you during your periods.
IDEAL FOR NIGHT & DAY: It offers comfort and of movement, leaving you free to travel and do more than your daily activities without any hindrance. Wear it day and night for round-the-clock comfort and leakage protection.
REUSABLE & MACHINE WASHABLE: Soak or rinse with cold water when you remove your underwear and then gently hand or machine wash, and hang dry. The material is stain-free in nature and always remains odor-free.
ECONOMICAL & ECO FRIENDLY: Use Azah period panties to replace the hassle involved with other products like pads, menstrual cups, liners or use our product as an added protection.

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