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Battlegrounds Mobile India is now ‘safe’ to play: Report – Times of India

June 22, 2021

Soon after the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India as Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android, the mobile game got caught in the same controversy– data sharing concerns with Chinese servers. A report by IGN India revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India game pinging servers in China and other countries.
The report’s claim was based on the data collected using a data packet sniffer app on an Android smartphone which can tell that the smartphone is communicating with which server. The website also mentioned that they set the application to log all the servers that the game was communicating with. Where it found BGMI sharing game links to China.
This news caught the attention of all “privacy experts” across India expressing concerns about possible data sharing risks with Chinese servers.
Now, in a new report by IGN India, the publisher of the game–Krafton– seems to have acted quickly this time and have released an update. The software fix now stops the game from pinging servers in China. “On running a packet sniffer while playing through two entire matches, we noticed that Battlegrounds Mobile India was not pinging a single Chinese server,” said the report by IGN India. However, the game may ping Chinese servers if you delete app data. The one reason behind this could be because of PUBG Mobile account transfer feature that Krafton is allowing BGMI players to transfer their account and game data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI till December 2021.
As for the privacy concern, it seems Battlegrounds Mobile India players can now continue with their gaming sessions without worrying about their data being “transferred” to Chinese servers.

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