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Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite: This is why Battlegrounds Mobile India might never get a ‘Lite’ version – Times of India

June 21, 2021

If you remember PUBG Mobile, then you must be aware that there was a PUBG Mobile Lite as well. The ‘Lite’ version was basically a stripped-down version of PUBG Mobile designed for low-level devices or devices with less than 2GB RAM.
The ‘Lite’ version had the same battle royale concept, but different maps and smaller gameplay durations. Most people loved that about PUBG Mobile Lite. Will there be a Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite?
The answer is both — yes and no. Yes, because of public demand if anyone is actually wishing for it. For ‘no’, there are several reasons behind it.
The first reason is the advancement of smartphone technology. Now, if you will see the landscape of 2019 (the year PUBG Mobile Lite was launched) there were still smartphones that came with 2GB RAM and even less than that. In 2021, most smartphones have at least 3GB RAM or in some cases 2GB RAM which is also the basic requirement for Battlegrounds Mobile India. In fact, chipsets today are also better, faster and more efficient than what we used to get back in 2019.
So, the question is why will anyone want a dated-looking game when they can run the fully equipped version on their smartphones.
The second reason is the inclusion of a low-spec resource pack. As already mentioned, Battlegrounds Mobile India comes with two resource packs — low-spec and HD resource pack. This happens just when you first start the game after downloading it from the Play Store. So, based on the smartphone’s potential, one can always choose the Low-spec resource pack that will not only download faster (as it is just 379MB compared to 618MB for HD resource pack) but will also run smoother on low-end devices as well.
The third reason is the Arena mode. The Arena mode is already a fast-paced short duration game mode available in Battlegrounds Mobile India, which mimics the smaller gameplay of the ‘Lite’ version. While many might disagree with this point, it’s out there and available.
Now, most people already have a decent smartphone that can run the regular Battlegrounds Mobile India at decent frame rates. Also, smartphones today have more resources, better SoCs than before. So, why would anyone want another game with almost similar gameplay and features just designed to run on low-end hardware?

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