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Beardo Origin Perfume For Men, 100 ml | EAU DE PARFUM | Long Lasting Perfume for Men | Strong Aqua and Musky Tones | Ideal Gift For Men

April 5, 2022

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Product Description

Ever wondered why all great men sport beards? We pondered upon this thought and found that men with a greater cause and intellect accept their individuality, are rational and are always open to out-of-the-box ideas (some even come up with them). They take pride in being real and different, just what it takes to be a Beardo. Anybody can grow a beard but not everybody can be a Beardo.

Beardo PerfumeBeardo Perfume

Cast a spell with your scent

They say about men’s perfumes that they shouldn’t announce one’s arrival but rather be discovered. With Beardo Origin Eau De Parfum’s impeccable appeal you’ll be able to do just that. Its distinct charm boasts of irresistible masculinity which will get you noticed and establish your uniqueness among the crowd of testosterone clichés. So cast your spell with your undiluted charm with Beardo’s Origin, Eau de Parfum.

How to use?

perfume how to use

perfume how to use

origin perfume

origin perfume

origin perfume

origin perfume


Open the cap and place it where you want to spray


Spray on your collar bones, back of your ear lobes or wherever necessary


You are ready to roll!

Origin PerfumeOrigin Perfume

Find your original appeal

With Beardo Origin, you can keep it classy and be irresistible at the same time. Its refreshing notes lift up the spirits instantly and leave you fresh and confident throughout the day. This unique men’s perfume is not only manly but also fit for all types of seasons. Be it an important meeting or a special encounter, this perfume will give you extra edge of confidence. Sprig it after a bath and spruce up your entire day!

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q.1. Does it last all through the day?

Yes, if applied properly this perfume has a long-lasting fragrance.

Q.2. Where the perfume should be applied to last longer?By spraying the perfume on your collar bones, behind the ear lobes and wrists and underarms makes it last longer.

Q.3. Its good for winter or summer?

Beardo has created this perfume to be versatile and therefore it can be used for all seasons and reasons!

Q.4. Can women use it?

This perfume is created for men, but there’s no harm if women use it too!

Top Node
Spicy Citrus, Lemon, Mandarin Musk Lavender Lemon Tobacco, Whisky

Middle Node
Aromatic Aromatic, Mint, Germanium Bergamot, Wood Aquatic, Lavender Jasmin Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coriander

Base Node
Woody Spicy, Haitian Vetiver, White Musk Cedarwood, Amber, Oak, Moss Oak, Moss, Musk Oudh, Sandalwood, Leather, Patchouli

Beardo Origin perfume has an alluring and authoritative appeal that instantly overshadows ordinary perfumes.
EDP Fragrance: Beardo Origin perfume is EDP i.e. Eau De Parfum which is higher in concentration than other perfumes which are EDT( Eau De Toilette).
STRONG & LONG LASTING PERFUME: Beardo Origin is a premium perfume that has a Strong aqua and musky tones fragrance that lasts longer than other perfumes

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