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Brave browser takes aim at Google with its own search engine – Times of India

June 24, 2021

Brave, a rival to Google Chrome in the browsing space, is gearing up to take on the tech behemoth in another area — search engine. Brave has announced Brave Search’s public beta, which is now available to users across the world.
The browser has been focusing on privacy and Brave Search’s USP is also on the same lines. Brave said that it will not collect IP address or use any personal data from users to improve search results. It is something Google does and Brave is pitching it as an anti-Google search engine.
Brave Browser says that users can search through the browser and it has a feature called Shields. Shields uses tech to block trackers, ads as well as unnecessary cookies.
Brave Search will available on other browsers like Safari and Chrome as well. Users can go go to enrol in the beta program and start using Brave Search. Brave said that is has plans to make Brave Search the default engine for the browser.
“Whether they are already Brave browser users, looking to expand their online privacy protection with the all-in-one, integrated Brave Search in the Brave browser, or users of other browsers looking for the best-in-breed privacy-preserving search engine, they can all use the newly released Brave Search beta that puts users first, and fully in control of their online experience,” the company noted. It further said that Brave Search is built on top of a completely independent index, and doesn’t track users, their searches, or their clicks.
Google is the dominant player in the search industry. Google Search has over 90% of market share with Bing, Yahoo having minuscule share. DuckDuckGo is a privacy-oriented search engine but continues to have very little share in the market. Brave will be hoping to change that with its own search engine.

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