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Call it iPhone 2021 instead of iPhone 13: Apple fans – Times of India

June 21, 2021

A lot of Apple fans are apparently not happy with the name iPhone 13 as 13 is considered as an unlucky number and want Apple to call it iPhone 2021 instead. As per a survey by SellCell, while the name iPhone 13 may not deter people from buying the next generation iPhones, people would prefer Apple calling it the iPhone 2021 instead of iPhone 13.
“74% respondents would prefer a different name than iPhone 13 for next-gen iPhones, with ‘iPhone (2021)’ voted the most suitable name at 38%. Other responses: iPhone 13 (26%), iPhone 21 (16%), iPhone 12S (13%), iPhone 14 (7%),” as per the survey by SellCell.
If not the iPhone 2021, people are also fine with names like iPhone 12S, iPhone 14 or iPhone 21. But majorly people would be happy with the name iPhone 2021. It seems like triskaidekaphobia or the fear of the number 13 is for real. “One in five iPhone and iPad users (18.3%) revealed they would be put off by the ‘iPhone 13’ moniker. Men (24.9%) are about twice as likely to be affected by triskaidekaphobia than women (11.7%),” the survey added.
Interestingly, Apple had already released the thirteenth release of iOS as iOS 13 and there were no concerns as such from Apple fans. However, the story may not be the same for iPhone 13. Like always, Apple never reveals the name of its next iPhone beforehand, so it is always referred to as the next iPhone in general. And Apple may surprise us by not calling it the iPhone 13. But very little is known about this yet.
We have already seen Apple skipping the iPhone 9 and directly shifted from iPhone 8 series to iPhone X series. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple follows a similar trend with the iPhone 13 too.

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