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Chandrika Ayurvedic Hair Oil (Kerala Ayurveda) – 100% coconut oil, onion, amla, Bhringraj – for hair growth, black hair, controls hair fall – natural & herbal – Kachiya Enna, 95 ml

October 25, 2021

Price: ₹349.00 - ₹209.00
(as of Oct 24,2021 21:00:19 UTC – Details)

Chandrika Kachiya Enna, a Hair Oil made with an authentic and traditional Ayurvedic recipe. The secret of thick, long and black hair, Chandrika Ayurvedic Hair Oil (Kachiya Enna) is made with 20 hand-picked herbs slow cooked for 6 days in 100% coconut oil. All the benefits of the herbs seep into the oil in this slow heating process and give you healthy hair and scalp, strengthening the hair and helping hair growth. Along with 100% pure coconut oil, Chandrika Kachiya Enna has 20 Ayurvedic ingredients. Some of them are: Onion : Reduces breakage and helps in hair growth Amla : Prevents premature grey hair Aloe : Natural conditioner, keeps your hair smooth Brahmi : Binds to hair making it stronger and thicker Chittamruthu (Giloy) : Antioxidants combat dandruff and other scalp ailments Hibiscus : Gives volume and thickness to hair Yashtimadhu (Mulethi) : Keeps the scalp cool and prevents hair loss

New Chandrika Kachiya Enna prevents multiple problems and gives thick, shiny, dark hair
New Chandrika Kachiya Enna provides multiple benefits to hair such as controlling hair fall, dandruff, preventing premature greying & promoting hair growth
Promote Hair Growth / Control Hairfall: Onion (Palanduh), Bhringraj (Bhringarajah), Brahmi (Sarasvati), Mulethi (Yashtimadhuh), Gunja (Gunja), Karanja (Cirabilvah), Motha (Musta), Moong (Mudgah)
For Naturally black hair / control greying: Aloe – Kumari, Henna – Medhini, Curry leaves – Kaidaryah
Nourish hair/ strong hair: Amla – Amalaki, Hibiscus – Japa, Khus – Usirah
Control Dandruff and for healthy scalp: Giloy – Guduci, Tulsi – Surasah, Methi – Methi, Dhatturah – Dhatura, Cedar -Devadaru, Red Creeper – Dinesavalli

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