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Clensta Face Brightening & Detan Scrub With 3% Walnut Shell | Remove Blackheads, Deep Cleanse Face, Remove Tan & Dead Cells, & Brighten Skin | 50 gm | For Him

April 28, 2022

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CLEAR CLOGGED PORES – Pro Vitamin B5 assists with controlling sebum production, reducing facial acne and blemishes.
BRIGHTENING & SOFTENING EFFECTS – Infused with Red Aloe Vera, which provides rich cleaning effects and leave you with smooth and even skin tone.
SKIN ELASTICITY & STRENGHT – Restores skin’s natural elasticity and strength, making the skin rejuvenated and healthy. It also, improves skin sagging and fine lines.
DEEP EXFOLIATION – Ideal grain-sized fine walnut shells scrubs away dull and dead skin, removes backheads from deep skin pores making skin rejuvenated and brighter.

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