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Clubhouse introduces new way to invite friends to private chats – Times of India

September 24, 2021

NEW DELHI: Clubhouse, the audio-only social networking app has rolled out a new way to invite people to audio chats called ‘Wave’. The company announced this new feature at a surprise town hall and it is available for all the users on Android and iOS.
With the new Wave feature, users can invite friends to a live audio room by just tapping on a waving hand emoji. Once a user receives the invitation, they can then choose to join a call and will be immediately added to an audio room.

Here’s how the feature works
To send a Wave, users will have to swipe right on the Hallway or tap on the dots icon placed at the bottom left of the screen. Then tap on the wave button next to a person you would like to chat with.
The app will then send a notification with ‘hello’ to the user and then know that you are open to chatting. If they accept the invite then, they will be able to join you in a private room — open for the users you waved at. You can keep it to one social circle, introduce friends from different groups to each other, or open the room up more broadly and make it for everyone.
The best part is you can Wave at as many friends as you like, and you can do other things while you’re waiting for them to respond. Explore the hallways, find more friends to wave at, or jump into some rooms!
Recently, Clubhouse launched its direct messaging feature. Called Backchannel, the feature is available for users on both Android and iOS. Presently, users can chat one-on-one, in groups and can also send links in Clubhouse. The app doesn’t offer the ability to send images or videos. However, as reported by The Verge, the app will soon get more new features. Clubhouse will also offer an optional secondary inbox where message requests will live.

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