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elon musk: Elon Musk calls this image shared by Richard Branson “brutal” – Times of India

July 19, 2021

The day Richard Branson was about to embark on his first space trip, he posted a picture of him on Twitter with none other than Elon Musk, another space enthusiast, who’s planning human colonisation on Mars. In the pic, the two billionaires are standing casually in the kitchen, with both dressed in tee shirts and trousers, Musk being barefoot. Branson said in the tweet that it was a big day, he felt good, excited and ready and that it was great to start the morning with a friend.

Well, Branson is back after his successful space flight but the tweeted picture has been scrutinised by netizens and the decor found to be distasteful as per some. One user zeroed in on the kitchen cabinets in the background of the photos and commented that what was the point of having millions of dollars when Branson couldn’t have better cabinets. It came as a bit of a surprise when Elon Musk replied to the tweet and said this, to explain how the photo came about to be:
“It was Richard’s rental house, which overall is great, but I agree regarding the cabinets haha. This was 3am, the day of the flight. Wasn’t expecting this brutal pic of me to be posted, but oh well.”

Musk surely made this clear that he didn’t expect the picture to be posted on Twitter by Branson without his consent. Maybe it would have helped if the photo was shared on the microblogging platform after both the honchos were comfortable with the idea. The photo has been a cause of much buzz on Twitter for the past few days, with users finding something to say about almost anything they thought was worth commenting on, like Musk being barefoot.

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