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elon musk: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is ‘unsure’ about the success of the all-electric Cybertruck – Times of India

July 16, 2021

When Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck for the first time, it was a cynosure of all eyes present during the unveiling ceremony. But during the presentation, the window glass of the Cybertruck couldn’t hold its own against a single strike by a sledgehammer, though the body of the truck could. In spite of the glaring failure with the durability of the glass, Tesla got orders in bulk from the Dubai Police for the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck is set to hit the markets later this year, but the company CEO Elon Musk is not exactly gung-ho about the success of the futuristic-looking vehicle. The tech billionaire recently made his scepticism known when he responded to a tweet from Tesla Owners Online that opined that the all-electric Cybertruck will be “a huge hit”.
“Cybertruck will be a game changer and a huge hit. You can bookmark this tweet if you’d like, I feel perfectly confident.”, says the tweet.
Musk’s response to the tweet was: “To be frank, there is always some chance that Cybertruck will flop, because it is so unlike anything else.”

Call it being realistic or in so much love with the unique design that you have stopped caring, Musk has certainly stated a possibility that most honchos of top brands wouldn’t make it themselves for their own soon-to-be-launched product, even if the product was most likely going to tank in commercial sales. He is of the view that the failure of the Cybertruck as a commercial vehicle won’t bother him because he loves it so much even if others don’t. There’s the designer and the inventor’s view talking.
Musk also said that other trucks looked like copies of the same thing, whereas the Cybertruck looked like it was made by aliens from the future. To be taken in as a truck made by aliens or not, the design of the Cybertruck places it instantly into the category of futuristic technology.

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