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Facebook adds AI moderator tool to help group admins – Times of India

June 17, 2021

Social networking giant Facebook recently launched a new suite of tools. These new tools will enable group admins to control their communities in a better manner. Some of these new tools offer a clearer overview of posts and members, whereas others are designed to help the admins tackle conflict — including an AI-powered feature.
Facebook says that the AI-powered feature can recognise ‘contentious or unhealthy conversations” taking place in the comments.
This new tool is called Conflict Alerts and Facebook is presently testing it. So, currently it is not clear as to when this feature will be made public. The Conflict Alerts tool is quite similar to the existing Keywords Alerts which allow admins to create ‘custom alerts’ when commenters use certain words and phrases. The complete process works with the help of machine learning.
Once the group admin is alerted then they can take action by deleting the comments and then they can also boot users out of the group too. The admins can also limit how often the concerned individuals can comment or how often comments can be made on certain posts.
Speaking about the same, Facebook told The Verge, “multiple signals such as reply time and comment volume to determine if engagement between users has or might lead to negative interactions.”
This means that Conflict Alerts is going to use the AI systems which are quite similar to what Facebook already uses to flag abusive speech. “These sorts of models are far from 100 percent reliable and are often fooled by simple things like humor, irony, and slang. However, they should be able to pick up on the more obvious cues that an argument is happening — like someone calling people “IDIOTS!” as in the sample screenshot above,” mentions The Verge.
Other tools announced by Facebook include Admin Home which is a destination for all admin tools, settings and features that admins can customize to fit their needs. This enables admins to quickly see what needs action in the group up front, across posts, members and reported items.
There is also a feature called member summary that shows admins a consolidated summary of each member’s activity in the group. This includes the number of times members have posted and commented or when they’ve had posts removed or been muted in the group.
Also, admins and moderators can now tag group rules in comments and posts, which members can easily tap to view.

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