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Glow in The Dark Paint Yellow-Green 50gm. Our Glow Paint can be Easily Applied on Multiple Surfaces, Dries Fast, Glow time: 4-6hours.

November 22, 2021

Price: ₹300.00 - ₹190.00
(as of Nov 22,2021 14:05:09 UTC – Details)

Jash Glow in the dark paint . It can absorb light, and create a glow effect in the dark environment, unlimited times. *Our glow paint can be easily applied on multiple surfaces, dries fast, and maintenance-free. *Glow time: 4-6hours. * Apply it with a brush, roller, and spray gun. *It can be used for indoor, outdoor, on the surface of wood, metal,dry-wall, and more. *Roll or brush:*Application: Indoor or outdoor walls. 2. Tunnels. 3. Replace low lux lighting system Features: 1. mildew-proof, flame resistant, resist acid and alkaline. 2. Absorb light and glow in dark bright. Do not need electric power. 3. Non-toxic, non-volatility, no organic solvent included, eco-friendly * Articles to prepare before applying: 1. Primer: solvent based white color paint with high strength. Primer quality will affect the glow brightness and the glow layers lifespan. 2. High quality of transparency Drying time: Single glow layer (25℃ for example): Touch dry ≤ 1 hour, hard dry ≤ 2 hours. 3. Consumption: Glow paint: 2 layers, ≤ 200g/m2 per layer. *Applying Steps: 1. Clean the surface. 2. Primer white coating, ensure the surface dry out (waiting for 1hour after applying) and neat. Ensure the bottom is full coverage. Stir evenly before the 1 st glow layer. 3. 1 st glow layer, wait for touch dry to the next step. Stir evenly before the 2 nd glow layer

*Our glow paint can be easily applied on multiple surfaces….Like Concrete, Fabric, Banner, Canvas, Wood, Plaster of Paris, Metal, Paper and Terracotta…..
* Apply it with a brush, roller, and spray gun.
*Glow time: 4-6hours….

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