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google: Google could be working on a Duolingo rival, claims report – Times of India

June 17, 2021

Tech giant Google may be looking to grab some share in the foreign language learning pie, something that’s largely under platforms like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Babel. According to a report by The Information, Google is working on an application called Tivoli that is supposed to be inbuilt within Google Search and work on text only initially. The service is expected to come out later this year. The report further adds that the tech giant’s plans for Tivoli include integrating it with Google Assistant and YouTube with the help of interactive quizzes.
Tivoli is not Google’s foray into language learning. The software giant had earlier launched the Read Along app, which was launched as Bolo in India. The app came with the capability to teach four languages: Hindi, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Tivoli looks to go deeper into language learning and will most likely add more languages.
Right now, Duolingo gives free, structured lessons on a foreign language to help you master it. The app comes with training sessions that introduce a new language phase-wise. There are audio cues for all the new syllables and words and pictorial representations for some. On the other hand, Rosetta Stone comes with 3-month, 6-month, 12-month and 24-month subscription plans. If Google wishes to enter this market and compete, focussing on the different ways a new language can be taught online will be the key.

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