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gta 6: This could be your first look at GTA 6 – Times of India

July 23, 2021

The first-ever screenshot of GTA 6 could have leaked, a per a report b per a report by It was earlier written off by many fans as a fake leak the likes of which the GTA community finds aplenty but some returned to the leak, trusting it as legit, perhaps due to its link with a recently leaked map of the game. A post at Reddit believes that the city featured in the screenshot is Miami as it bears a lot of similarities to the actual North Miami Beach.
Since a lot of previous sources have speculated GTA 6 to be set in Vice City, the report adds, “They (the leakers) really did the homework, as the sun and shadows match up exactly for where Miami would be, with the sun to the south, and the plane flying northeast. The sky also has Red Dead Redemption 2‘s cloud system.”

Some users went to Google Maps to cross-check the locations shown in the leak and found few buildings and other details to be matching. As of now, it is totally up to you and how much you want to read into the leaked screenshot which may or may not be taken from the actual game.
As per earlier GTA leaks from Tom Henderson and Jason Schreier, the upcoming GTA game will be set in Vice City itself, though the setting would be a modern-day one. They also claimed that the map of the game can change over time, just as it does in Fortnite. GTA 6 could also allow you to play as multiple characters.
And the game is going to be meant for next-gen consoles, which means that there is still some time before Rockstar makes a launch announcement. The video game maker could be stalling to make sure enough gamers take to the PS5 or the Xbox Series X|S so as to get a good number of buys. The leaks suggest that the game could be launched in 2025 which is a long way off.

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