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Haphome Hair Removal Cream for Women and Men, Permanent Depilatory Cream, Friendly Painless Flawless Hair Remover Cream Perfect for Face,Lip,Legs,Bikini Areas,haphome Hair Removal Cream (White W)

November 17, 2021

Price: ₹3,690.00 - ₹1,597.48
(as of Nov 17,2021 05:00:06 UTC – Details)

Ready to get rid of wantedbody hair? The Easiest Way To Safely Remove body Hair With hair remover cream.
Stop spending money on waxing or on shaving products that irritate your skin.
Compare to waxing or razor, this hair removal cream with gentle formula,with natural extracts of Ginseng, Aloe Vera,Rose Oil and Honey to help soothe and protect sensitive skin, clean hair removal, less irritation. Romve a large area of body hair,not easily residue, feel the skin silky touch feeling.

Why Choose Us?
1. Reject Hair Regeneration
2. Permanent Hair Removal
3. Leave No Black Spots
4. Painless
5. Non-Irritating
6. Make Your Skin Smooth

How It Application?
Step 1: After moistening the area that needs to be depilated with a mild wet towel.
Step 2: Apply this hair removal cream evenly to the hair removal site, then wipe depilatory cream evenly. Usage amount should be fully covered with body hair (about 2mm thick) and keep for 5-8 miutes (deoending on thickness of body hair).
Step 3: Gently wipe with a special tool(or use a towel) along the opposite direction of hair grewth, and then clean with water.

1. Do not use this product when the skin is inflamed or damaged or has been shaved by razor in past 3 days.
2. Do the test in a small area first, if these is any uncomfortable after use, please stop using immediately.
3. Do not touch eyes, if contacted with eyes, please immediately wash with water.
Q: Can we use it on face?
A: It is both for body or face. As well as sensitive skin either
Q: Does it for men?
A: Both for women and men.
Q: When is it effect after using?
A: After 5-10 minutes, then wipe and clean it.
Q: Does the hair grow back thicker?
A: The hair won’t grow thiker.

♥ EFFECTIVE HAIR REMOVAL: This hair removal cream specially added plant essential oils to reduce hair density and activity and prevent hair from becoming rough and black. It effectively removes even stubborn hair from legs and body gently in just few minutes without causing any messiness
♥ CONVENIENT: Portable size, easy to carry and use.Hair removal cream easy dispensing, simple to apply and remove without any danger of nicks or bumps
♥ PAINLESS : Compare to waxing or razor, this hair removal factor penetrates deep into the hair follicle, hair dissolving, painless detachment of hair with restored pores.
♥ SAFETY INGREDIENT: The ingredient of hair removal cream as below : Water, Glycerol,Vita,in E, Alphosyl, Hair removal Factor, Natural Rose Oil, Aloe Vera, Ginseng extracts, Honey.

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