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Havintha Natural Hair Shampoo With Amla, Reetha, Shikakai and Methi Dana (Advanced Shampoo), 227 g

December 15, 2021

Price: ₹251.00
(as of Dec 15,2021 16:39:18 UTC – Details)

Product Description

HAVINTHA Natural Hair Shampoo

Clean your scalp daily and condition your hair naturally with HAVINTHA Natural Hair Shampoo. This shampoo contains the goodness of Amla,Shikakai, Reetha and Methi, the 4 in 1 powder increases pigmentation of hair and preserves its natural beauty. It gives a gentle care for your hair and relive your hair from bad effects of synthetic detergent based shampoos.


This shampoo contains goodness of Amla fruit powder, Shikakai fruit powder, Reetha fruit powder, Methi seeds powder.

Benefit of Shikakai

Helps soothe Your Scalp. Help fight dandruff. Helps nourish your Follicles. Helps cleanse your hair.

Benefits of Amla

Help strengthen the scalp and hair. Helps reduce premature pigment loss from hair, or greying. Helps stimulate hair growth. Helps reduce hair loss.

Benefit of Reetha

Reetha helps your hair by making it shinier and softer. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature and keeps your scalp free from dandruff and helps prevent hair loss.

Benefit of Methi Dana

Fenugreek seeds, commonly known as fenugreek have high protein and nicotinic acid content, which are known to be beneficial against hair fall and dandruff. The seeds also help in moisturizing the hair and bringing back the luster and bounce.


Soak 5 tablespoon of powder with 750 ml hot water for 2 or more hour. Wash your hair with it while gently massaging hair and scalp. Then Rinse with water.

Powder Powder Powder Powder Powder

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Kalonji has anti-inflammatory compounds which reduce irritation from your scalp. Scalp inflammation leads to dandruff and other hair problems that further lead to hair fall. Hibiscus Powder is known for its pleasant fragrance and the aromatic properties. It is used as prime herb in various herbal cosmetic formulations for hair. Cause of its soothing effects, it adds to speed up skin cell reproduction, fight inflammation and reduce redness, Aloe Vera is a great natural home remedy ingredient for acne scars and stretch marks. Deeply conditions, hydrates, and moisturizes hair giving it a soft silky texture and adding brilliant shine; an excellent natural hair care product. The natural bhringraj powder helps enhance the quality of your hair. It also considers new hair growth while working on hair follicles.

4 in1 Powder increases pigmentation of hair and preserves Its natural beauty. It is a gentle care for your hair. Relive your hair from bad effects of synthetic detergent based shampoos
Amla fruit powder, Reetha fruit powder, Shikakai fruit pod powder, methi dana seeds powder

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