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Here’s how much Steve Jobs’ job application got sold for – Times of India

July 30, 2021

Memorabilia related to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs often pops up online for auctions. As we have seen in the past, people are willing to pay quite a lot for stuff related to Jobs. This time was no different as a job application filled by Jobs fetched a whopping $3,43,000 in an online auction.
The job application was filled by Jobs in 1973 when he was 18-years-old. It’s said to be the only job application that he ever filled out as he, along with Steve Wozniak, started Apple in 1976.

What does the job application say?

As per the description on the auction site, Jobs filled out the document with his name, “Steven jobs”; address, “reed college”; phone, “none”; and major, “english lit.” In the middle section, he writes “yes” in response to ‘Driver’s License?’ and “possible, but not probable,” in reply to ‘Access to transportation?’ With regard to his skills, next to ‘Computer‘ and ‘Calculator,’ he writes, “yes (design, tech).” At the bottom, he describes his ‘Special Abilities’ as “electronics tech or design engineer. digital.—from Bay near Hewitt-Packard [sic].”

Photo courtesy: RR Auction

The application is “in very good condition, with intersecting folds, overall creasing, light staining, and some old clear tape to the top edge.”
Interestingly, this job application has been auctioned earlier as well. In March 2021, the same application fetched $2,221,747 — this shows that in just over a year its value has increased by quite a lot.

Hard copies vs digital copies

More interestingly, a digital version of the rare document was also auctioned for non-fungible token (NFTs). NFTs have been talk of the town with people buying digital versions of rare things. However, when it came to Jobs’ job application, the digital copy sold for $23,000 — way less than the physical hard copy.
According to a report by Business Insider, the organisers of the auction wanted to do a head-to-head battle between physical and digital auction. “By putting the NFT and original physical job application up for auction simultaneously, the sale will test the appetite for digital assets in contrast with physical equivalents,” the organisers said. The idea of this first-of-its-kind auction, pas per the organisers was to challenge the notion of value in the physical and digital world. “The result of the auction will show if true value can be embodied in both or whether one medium is leading the way,” the organisers added. Clearly, the physical copies matter more than digital ones if the auction results are anything to go by.

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