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Horizon Zero Dawn: After Fortnite, Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy to come to Genshin Impact – Times of India

July 23, 2021

Action-adventure game Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist Aloy is going to be added to the popular open-world game Genshin Impact for a limited time as a playable character. And that too for free. But players will need to have above Adventure Rank 20 to be eligible for the character which will come to Genshin Impact via a future update. The date when the update will be rolled out has not been confirmed yet though the character is expected to arrive in the first week of September.

With the crossover event, Aloy will have travelled to two other worlds besides her own. First, she was made part of Fortnite in April and now she will travel to Genshin Impact’s world of Teyvat. Aloy will be a five-star character in Genshin Impact, which is the strongest character rating for the open-world game.
PS5, PS4 players to get the character first
The PlayStation (PS5 and PS4 both) version of the game will be the first to get Aloy as part of Update 2.1. After that, the character will be added to the PC and mobile platforms via Update 2.2, which could take six more weeks after the rollout of Update 2.1, thus being pushed ahead to October. Players above Adventure Rank 20 will receive Aloy’s Predator Bow for free via in-game mail.
In case you haven’t played Genshin Impact, it is a free-to-play online game developed by miHoYo Limited. It was named as iPhone Game of the Year 2020 by Apple. The game is set in the vast, fictional world of Teyvat and features the story of a brother and sister duo with magical powers who arrive in another world where they are forcibly separated by an unknown god who also takes away their powers. You can choose to play as either sibling in the game.

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