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How mobile, smartwatch data forced a man to admit that he killed his wife – Times of India

June 18, 2021

In a shocking incident involving a man murdering his wife in Greece, the police used data from smartwatch and smartphone to bust his fake story. It is a first-of-a-kind incident where the police used personal data from gadgets to solve a crime.
As per a report by BBC News, a Greek helicopter pilot made up a story of robbery to hide the fact that he had killed his wife. The man claimed that robbers killed his wife in a home invasion and he was helpless because the robbers had tied him up.
The police started doubting the man’s statement as his story did not add up. Data from the man’s smartphone, his wife’s smartwatch along with the home surveillance system was then considered to correlate the robbery story.
As per the report by BBC News, “The wife’s biometric (data from the watch) revealed her pulse readings on the day she died. The man’s movements were also tracked via his mobile phone, and the couple’s surveillance system also highlighted discrepancies.”
The smartwatch data of the wife revealed that she was alive and had a heart beat at the time when her husband claimed that she was murdered by robbers. Also, the activity tracker on the man’s phone revealed that he was “moving around the house” at the time when the man claimed that he was tied up by robbers in his statement.
The police “found no trace of the gang he claimed had tied him up, suffocated his wife and stolen €15,000 (£13,000; $18,000) in cash,” said the report by BBC News.
Later, the police looked into the home security camera to grill the Greek pilot further. After eight long hours of interrogation, the pilot admitted to killing his wife.

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