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iphone: Here’s why the cost of buying iPhone 13 series models may be more for some buyers – Times of India

September 15, 2021

The iPhone 13 series is now official. Apple put all rumours to rest with the launch of four models — iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Most of what was expected in terms of iPhones turned out to be true, with one rumour about prices also being true.
Contradictory reports about the likely price of the iPhone 13 had emerged online. Some reports claimed that Apple is not likely to increase the price, however, other reports said that an impact of chip shortage may cause an effect on the rise in the price of the iPhone 13 series.
Apple, however, stuck to the previous prices and launched the iPhone 13 models at the same respective pieces of the iPhone 12 models. In India, the cost of buying an iPhone 13 series model starts at Rs 69,900. However, if you are a first time iPhone buyer — then this may not be the final cost you have to bear.
Why is there an additional cost for first time iPhone buyers?
Anyone who is buying the iPhone for the first time this year and also wants to have a holistic Apple experience, then they will have to shell out additional money on accessories. This is because starting last year Apple stopped giving adapters and earphones and that continues this year too.
With any of the iPhone 13 models, Apple offers USB Type-C to Lightning cable as the only accessory.
This means that if you want to have an unadulterated Apple experience, you will have to spend on Apple AirPods and an Apple power adapter.
What additional cost does the first time iPhone may have to incur?
When it comes to buying a power adapter from Apple, you get two options with a USB-C port. The 20W power adapter is priced at Rs 1,900 and the 30W power adapter costs Rs 4,900.
As for the AirPods, one can opt for AirPods Pro that cost Rs 24,900 or the second-generation AirPods that come with a wireless charging case (Rs 18,900) and without wireless charging case Rs 14,900).
This means that even if we look at minimum additional costing too, a first time iPhone buyer looking for a universal Apple experience will have to spend at least Rs 16,800 (Rs 1,900 + Rs 14,900).
What could be the final prices of iPhone 13 models for some buyers
If you are someone who falls in the category of aspiring iPhone 13 buyer with AirPods and the company’s power adapter, then these will be the starting prices for you:
iPhone 13 mini: Rs 86,700
iPhone 13: Rs 96,700
iPhone 13 Pro: Rs 1,38,500
iPhone 13 Pro Max: Rs 1,46,700

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