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Jeevavruksha Herbal Products Aadivasi Neelambari Herbal Hair Oil || Hair Oil for Men & Women – 250 ML

October 22, 2021

Price: ₹1,299.00 - ₹449.00
(as of Oct 22,2021 10:02:24 UTC – Details)

Jeevavruksha herbal products are of powerful blend of 101 rare herbs including Neelambari, Bringraj, Amla, Aloevera, Tulsi, dasawala, jetamasi lavancha, kasturi, changalkushtu, baniman tree, lotus flower, indigo plants, athimadura, net grass, Loliswala,Soapnut extra Helps in controlling hair loss & actively stimulates new hair growth. Fresh herbs are curated from the dense forest of NAAGARAHOLE forest(Mysore). Just Herbs is a line of pure, bespoke and Ayurvedic results-driven skincare made from organic and wild crafted ingredients collected from across India. The brand stands for honesty and purity. The vision behind Just Herbs was to create a brand that stands not just for luxury alone; but one that delivers a pure and pleasant experience which is safe for the skin, the environment, and at the same time driven by the commitment to bring about results for common skin concerns. hair oil is an all in one ayurvedic hair oil for strong, bouncy and shiny hair. This ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth is a result driven hair care product. It is made in a traditional way by cooking hibiscus flower and several other ayurvedic herbs in cold-pressed oils of Castor, Coconut and Sesame. This organic hair oil nourishes your scalp and works towards better growth and thickness of the hair. Javakusum mineral free hair oil also helps delay the process of hair greying and reduces the visibility of dandruff. This ayurvedic hair oil is a natural revitalizing formula for soft, smooth & silky hair with extra luster & dark shine. This organic hair oil is an overall hair tonic used in India for centuries. Javakusum ayurvedic hair oil is a good quality, cold-pressed and mineral oil-free hair oil that seeps into the scalp and nourishes the hair roots from within. hair oil is a 100% natural oil made up of hibiscus flower and several other Ayurvedic herbs. Javakusum mineral free hair oil helps in controlling dandruff and promotes overall hair health.

KEY BENEFITS: Promotes hair growth, Prevents hair fall, Strengthens hair roots and Restores hair vitality. Nourish the split ends and helps the hair to grow from root to the tip. Stimulated hair growth and gives a calming effect.
DIRECTION TO USE: Apply Thoroughly & Deeply hair roots and Leave Over Night for Good Results. Use at least 3 days per week, Better Results.
IT’S CONTAINS: 108 type of Herbs,Dashwala, Loliswala,Soapnut, Bhrami, Kasthuri oil, Amla, Aloe Vera, Kadupatti, Menthya, lavancha, Olive, Rosemary, Pure Grape Seed, Castor, Jojoba, Coconut, Sesame, Lavender, Red Onion & Small Onion, Curry Leaves & Roots, Hibiscus, Tea tree, Clary Sage, Thyme, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, etc…
It is useful in Lustre & Shine, Anti-hair Fall, Conditioning, Hair Thickening, Removing Lice, Anti-dandruff, Hair Growth, Healthy Scalp
USE 6 MONTH FOR BETTER RESULT. Apply the oil 2 to 3 times in a week Before Bath.

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