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Kumsons® Anti-Glare Blue Light Eye Protection Computer/Mobile Screen Eye Glasses for kids | Zero Power Computer Light Protection | Best For Online Classes | Coding Classes | RedSkyblue

November 20, 2021

Price: ₹2,999.00 - ₹799.00
(as of Nov 20,2021 13:12:13 UTC – Details)

Why Blue Block Blue cut lenses feature a special coating that reflects harmful blue light. Restricts it from passing through the lenses of your eyeglasses. Blue light emitted from computer and mobile screens and long term exposure to this type of light. Increases the chances of retinal damage. Hence wearing our eyeglasses having blue cut lenses. While working on digital devices is a must. As it may help in reducing the risk of developing eye related problems. Harmful Effects Of The Blue Light And Its Solution Believe it or not, but today, almost everyone is a victim of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). A condition which results from focusing the eyes on a computer or any gadget for prolonged hours. Continuous working on digital screens means focusing,refocusing your eyes back and forth. This leads to eyestrain, dry and sticky eyes. Very Less Scratches No eyeglass lenses — not even glass lenses — are scratch-proof. But lenses that treat front and back . With a clear scratch resistant coating have a much harder surface . That is more resistant to scratching. Whether from dropping your glasses on the floor or cleaning them with a paper towel. These Spectacles Designed Especially for GAMER and COMPUTER OPERATORS

Prolonged exposure to blue light will cause eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache, just with our computer glasses, you will notice a difference in a few days. Because the glasses block the most harmful blue light from computer, phone and TV.
Unisex eyewear with computer vision lenses that block blue light from digital devices. Protect your eyes from harmful blue light.
It cuts the bad blue light coming from digital screens and protects your eyes from eyestrain, headaches and also helps contributes towards good sleep
【DIMENSION】Frame size – 46MM (5-12 years old)

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