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macs: Windows 11 virtualisation on M1 Macs ‘not a supported scenario’: Microsoft – Times of India

September 15, 2021

Microsoft Windows support via Boot Camp for Intel-powered Macs was an important feature. Most people preferred to install Windows on virtualisation on Mac and run both the operating systems side-by-side.
It seems that Microsoft is planning to take another route with its ARM version of Windows 11and new M1-powered Macs.
A Microsoft spokesperson told The Register on Friday that Windows 11 support for M1-based machines ‘is not a supported scenario’. That means Windows 11 ARM will not be supported on M1 Macs via virtualisation or natively.
Windows 10 ARM itself wasn’t supported on M1 Macs and Microsoft will continue not supporting the new Macs with Windows 11.
It is also worth noting that the statement does not imply that Windows 11 will not run on M1 Macs. Users still might be able to install Windows 11 via third-party virtualisation software like Parallels, it’s just that Microsoft won’t support it officially.
It is not like people haven’t tried running Windows on M1-powered Macs. Soon after Apple introduced the M1 Macs, a developer installed the Windows ARM via virtualisation without emulation.
The Register has also reported that Parallels 17 started showing hardware compatibility errors on an Insider Build of Windows which was then resolved via an update. However, all of this soon seems to end soon once Microsoft decides to completely pull the plug for Windows 11 ARM support for M1 Macs.

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