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Morikus Swimming Kit Swim Goggles and Swim Caps Combo Set, Nose Clip, Ear Plug & Case- Silicone Non-Slip Material on Glasses & Cap, Anti-Fog, UV Protection, Long Hair- Adults Men Women

September 21, 2021

Price: ₹599.00 - ₹230.00
(as of Sep 21,2021 15:41:49 UTC – Details)

Heading out to a day at the pool or beach? Make sure you are prepared with all the swimming gear you need with MORIKUS Combo Kit Set 1) PROTECT YOUR EYES: MORIKUS Swimming Goggles use the latest technology of Anti-Fog coating, Shatter Proof lenses, 100% UV Protection, Double Silicone seal, 3D Ergonomic design to prevent water leakage. 2) KEEP YOUR HAIR DRY: MORIKUS Swim Caps are made from 100% Premium Silicone which is “built to last” & free from harmful toxins such as BPA & is Odorless. Our caps are extremely durable, lightweight & won’t easily rip or tear. SIZING? Whether it be dreadlocks, braids, locks, extensions, long, curly or thick hair– we are clear on sizing! Our large waterproof swim cap is ideal for ALL HAIR TYPES- long, short, thick & curly hair. 3) NO SWIMMER’S EAR: High-quality MORIKUS Earplugs keep chlorine and water out of your ears, so there is no need to fear the swimmer’s ear! Dive into the deep without getting your ears clogged with water! 4) SAY GOODBYE TO SPUTTERING NOSES: Protect your nasal cavities from water and chlorine with our high-quality MORIKUS Nose Clip! A flexible frame fits comfortably over the nose bridge, and soft plastic pads are gentle on the skin. One size fits most 5) CONVENIENT TO CARRY AND STORE Once your day at the pool or beach is done, gather your Swim glasses into our waterproof, Protective Case. It also protects goggle lenses from scratches, dirt, and dust while not in us

PERFECT GOGGLES: These adjustable sized goggles stay in place so you won’t need to stop to adjust them. Their mirrored anti-fog lenses protect your eyes from sunlight and UV Rays.
SWIMMING CAP: One size fits most, both men and women. With a stretch fit, it completely covers long or short hair and ears. Made from durable silicone, it won’t rip or fall off during swimming.
COMFORTABLE EAR PLUGS: These lightweight and durable earplugs protect your ears while swimming, so no need to fear swimmer’s ear! One size fits most, both children and adults.

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