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New WhatsApp feature will help you ignore archived chats – Times of India

July 27, 2021

WhatsApp has introduced a new setting for the Archived Chats folder that will help you ignore chats marked as archived. The archived chat folder usually reappears in the main chat list the moment you get a new message on WhatsApp. With this new feature, the archived messages will continue to stay tucked away in the Archived Chats folder. The only time these chats will reappear is when you choose to manually unarchive the conversation.
This feature is optional and WhatsApp will allow you to roll back to previous settings if you don’t find it useful.
Note that archiving a chat doesn’t delete the chat or back it up to your SD card. Also, you will not receive notifications for archived chats unless you are mentioned or replied to. This may come handy for chats whom you would like to ignore.
How to archive chats in WhatsApp

  • In the CHATS tab, tap and hold the chat you want to hide.
  • Tap the archive button at the top of the screen.
  • To archive all chats, In the CHATS tab, tap More options > Settings.
  • Tap Chats > Chat history > Archive all chats.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is working on a chat migration feature that will allow users to transfer messages from iOS to Android phone easily. Users will reportedly get access to the feature from the app itself by scanning QR code from inside the Transfer WhatsApp Chats.

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