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Orpat launches MoneySaver smart fan range at Rs 3,100 – Times of India

June 16, 2021

Orpat has expanded its range of smart home appliances with the launch of MoneySaver smart fans. The smart fan range works on the BLDC technology and comes with a price tag of Rs 3,100.
Orpat MoneySaver smart fans are claimed by the company to reduce energy bills by more than 65 per cent per year. They are said to work 3 times faster than an ordinary fan. It comes with double protection from voltage fluctuations.
There is a separate boost mode on the smart fans. If the voltage drops to 160v or increases to 260v from power, then the fan gives uniform 370-380 RPM in the boost mode.
The new Orpat smart fans can be controlled via an app. “This fan doesn’t require a fan regulator as the switch itself becomes the regulator”, says the company. The smart fans come with LED light, a smart remote with a Sleep, Booster, and Timer mode.
The new fans are noiseless, environment friendly with antibacterial technology which is claimed to offer protection against 99.2 per cent of germs. Orpat claims that ‘the MoneySaver Smart Fan range reduces coal consumption by 3.3 billion KG per year while carbon emission is reduced by 6.6 billion KG per year.’

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