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qualcomm: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus will boost gaming, AI in premium 5G phones – Times of India

September 23, 2021

A number of new flagship 5G smartphones will be coming with Qualcomm’s highest-end processor, the Snapdragon 888 Plus, which was revealed in June 2021. This new chipset is an upgrade of the Snapdragon 888 that has already arrived in premium phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21.
Qualcomm has increased the CPU clock speed of the new Snapdragon 888 Plus chipset from 3GHz to 2.84GHz. It increases the performance of the smartphone and gives you a better experience in streaming videos and games.
Qualcomm claims to have increased the AI capabilities by more than 20%, resulting in entertainment and video calls to be more immersive. According to Qualcomm, phone makers around the world are making 130+ smartphones using Snapdragon 888 and 888 Plus
US-based Qualcomm’s new CEO Cristiano Amon, in a virtual conference at Mobile World Congress 2021 held said, “It fuels profoundly intelligent entertainment experiences with AI-enhanced gameplay, streaming, photography and more. It’s all designed to bring the most premium mobile experiences to flagship Android devices across the globe.”
Advancement of 5G
The major topic at the MWC 2021 held at Barcelona, Spain was the continued advancement of 5G. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought in radical changes to our world.
The next-gen cellular technology that boasts to boost up 4G speed from 10 to 100 times can reduce the response time. From a simple video call to telemedicine and advanced virtual and augmented reality.
Although there are many 5G phone owners around the world, they still don’t have the ‘killer app’ that can show them what the connectivity can do.
Qualcomm is trying to push 5G beyond phones. Its cellular tech is now used in cars, PCs, smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices, fixed wireless products and infrastructure to power 5G networks. “Qualcomm is really … executing on the opportunity that we have now for our technology to go beyond mobile,” Amon said to the media before MWC.
Improvement of Artificial Intelligence
The evolution of phone cameras is a small example of the difference that AI brings to smartphones. Previously, brands were going after a larger megapixel camera to lure in more consumers believing their phones can take better pictures.
Nowadays, the trend has resurfaced with 48, 64 and even 108MP cameras, but some flagship phones — iPhones, Google Pixel phones mainly — still rely on processing and software optimization for capturing high-quality pictures.
AI helps in improving the user experience when using multiple different aspects of your phone. Social media filters rely on AI to detect your face properly and then apply the relevant filters or stickers on top.

Qualcomm’s new sensing Hub at the core of its chipsets can keep on adapting to the environment you’re in. It’s a feature that is very useful for new parents as well. If the phone is left around a child, it can detect their crying and alert you.
If the phone detects that you’re behind the wheel, it will switch supported apps like Spotify to driving mode. These small but effective features come with the advancement of AI in smartphones.

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