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Reliance Industries’ chatbot for 44th AGM goes live, how it works and all that shareholders can do with it – Times of India

June 22, 2021

Reliance Industries’ WhatsApp chatbot assistant is back with full details about the company’s upcoming 44th annual general meeting (AGM) scheduled for June 24. This will be second online AGM of Reliance Industries. Reliance first used the chatbot during the rights issue last year. The chatbot has been created by Jio Haptik, which provided technical support to the Indian government’s chatbot against Corona.
How the chatbot can help shareholders
The chatbot will not only answer the frequently asked questions by the shareholders, it also provides information like dos and don’ts for the AGM. Apart from voting at the AGM, the chatbot is said to be capable of answering shareholders’ queries on key topics such as dividends and taxes. Many videos and documents are also available in the chatbot’s store to answer frequently asked questions by the shareholders or users. Whose link and copy will be provided by the chatbot.
How to access the chatbot
* Save +917977111111 in your mobile
* Send ‘Hi’ in the message box of this number
* Send questions to the chatbot assistant
* Once sent, an instant message will show menu. This will offer several options.
* Select the relevant option

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