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Some Health Problems and their Treatment | Book on Health and Well Being, Diet, Health Problems, Sleep Disorders and Maintain Health without Medicine

September 21, 2021

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We all are well aware of the adage Health is Wealth. In fact there is nothing more relevant than the quote. Health is not only supreme to wealth but supreme to every other aspect. Even garnering wealth will turn impossible if backed by good health. And this is the very crux that this book ‘Some Health Problems and Their Treatment’ highlights. Authored by H. V. Sardesai, this book on health and well being mentions the need of following a proper diet and healthy lifestyle which can lessen the risk of one contracting health problems. In the present time, many people are facing a myriad of health troubles with different kinds of pains and aches. While age does play a role in one’s health, there are other factors such as diet; physical activities, thoughts and lifestyle also do play an important role. In this book the author throws light on the very fact that unlike wealth, health cannot be obtained as a gift or donation. Hence preserving it with care and devote time on it every day. Through this book the author touches on important aspects of health such as physical effects on mental health, controlling diseases, health tips after 60, importance of sleep and how to maintain health without medicine. This book on health can certainly be called as a book on health problems and how they can be dealt by taking the maximum care with proper knowledge with the book highlighting health as a paramount aspect and one of the six dimensions which must be always taken care of!

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