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Some M1 MacBook users complain of screen cracks during normal use – Times of India

July 30, 2021

Apple introduced MacBooks powered by its own M1 processor and if its revenue and industry analysts are to be believed then it has been a good start. The performance of M1 devices has been largely praised and no big complaints. That was perhaps till now as a report by 9to5Mac lists out complaints by users regarding the screen of M1 MacBooks.
The report states that users have complained of screen cracks out of the blue. A MacBook user told 9to5Mac that he had bought a M1 MacBook Pro in March 21 but discovered cracks in the screen. “I contacted Apple and was forced to pay £570 upfront in order for them to repair it. I told them that I had done nothing to damage the screen but their response was that their technicians would decide if I had damaged it and would, in that case, lose my money.”
On Apple Support Communities website, there were a few users who have complained about the same issue. A user complained that “the screen cracked for no apparent reason.” He said that Apple warranty would not cover it as it is a contact point crack. “It is absurd as I have nothing like it on my desk and the computer was properly closed as usual and didn’t move the whole night. More than the price of repairing it , it is frustrating that apple doesn’t believe its costumers,” the user rued on Apple’s Communities page.
Another user complained, “My 17yr old daughter was at her desk, working on her MacBook Pro (M1 display) and shut it to take a break. When she went back to work, on opening the device she noticed that the bottom of the display was covered by flickering black and white lines and that there were also perpendicular coloured lines on the left hand side of the screen.”
Chances are that some debris might be stuck in the bottom section which could have cracked the screen but such tiny specks aren’t likely to the damage. Apple hasn’t responded on the matter so far, claims the 9to5Mac report.

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