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This is the most popular iPad in the world – Times of India

June 16, 2021

Apple has been on a roll when it comes to launching iPad models. Since March 2020 — around the time the world was struck down with the pandemic — Apple has launched four new models. These include two iPad Pro, one iPad Air and one ‘regular’ iPad model. A report by Counterpoint Research has revealed which of these has been the most popular model in the world.
It comes as no surprise to see that the entry-level 10.2-inch (8th-gen) iPad is the most popular in the world. According to Counterpoint’s senior analyst Liz Lee, “the basic iPad models accounted for 56% of the overall iPad shipments in Q1 2021.”
The iPad Air and iPad Pro series came next with 19% and 18% shares, respectively. “Since consumers are constantly concerned about prices and portability, the latest iPad 8 emerged as the top-selling model,” said Lee.
Launched in October 2020, the iPad Air 4 ranked second on the bestseller list as it “was a huge hit with consumers looking for cost-effectiveness as well as high specifications.”
Overall 2020 was a good year for Apple’s iPad and other tablets. The global tablet market grew by 19% YoY in 2020 due to the increasing demand for large-screen mobile devices spurred by remote work, online education and extended stay-at-home orders.
Apple sold 33% more iPad units worldwide in 2020 than in 2019, and continued to lead the market, expanding its share to 37% in Q1 2021. Samsung came in second with about 20% market share, followed by Lenovo in third place with 9% market share. The other two places in the top 5 tablet brands were occupied by Amazon (9%) and Huawei (5%). Other brands combined garnered about 20% market share.

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