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This luxury spaceflight company is letting you book your own space capsule – Times of India

July 23, 2021

With Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos returning from successful trips to space, the future of space tourism is looking good for those with that kind of money to burn. Space Perspective, a luxury spaceflight company is offering a chance to book a seat in a space capsule or even book an entire capsule for eight people. The space capsule, called Neptune, will take you high above the earth’s atmosphere but not exactly in a microgravity situation where you begin to float. The idea maybe is to chill inside a stadium sized closed pod with the luxuries and gaze out from the windows into the vista that will greet you. The company promises that you would be able to see the sun rise and set (provided you are awake for the same).
Float up into space
The capsule won’t be blasted off into space by rockets. Instead it will be flown gently by a space balloon, launching from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The entire space journey will be six hours. Plenty of time for a party, isn’t it?
The seats, however, are not available till 2024. However, if you would like to go next year, here are the deals being offered.
Space Explorer (The individual seats)
US $125,000 per Space Explorer
US $1,000 refundable deposit per Explorer
Space Explorer (The full capsule for 8)
US $125,000 per Space Explorer
$8,000 USD refundable deposit per capsule
Legacy Explorer: First 25 flights
US $125,000 per Legacy Explorer
US $12,500 refundable deposit for individual seats
$80,000 USD refundable deposit per capsule for 8
($10,000 USD per Legacy Explorer)
Inside the capsule: What luxuries await?
The inside of the capsule offers the following luxuries, as listed on the company website.
“Nine reclining, plush seats, for eight Space Explorers and a pilot, 360-degree panoramic windows, refreshments bar and cabinet for belongings, lavatory below the main deck, Wi-Fi connection, with communications devices to enable live streaming, non-glare windows for photography from inside the capsule, sensors showing altitude, wind, and temperature throughout the flight, instrument trunk on the capsule’s roof and below deck for research equipment and a Splashdown Cone at base to allow for smooth landing on the water.
The company has, well, even floated the idea of tying the knot with someone on the spaceship and hence, for that matter, bring the most important people to you together for that function onboard the capsule. So, have you made up your mind yet?

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