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Twitter may get new shopping section feature for users – Times of India

July 29, 2021

NEW DELHI: Twitter will soon add a new shopping section in the app for various brands. Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow businesses to add a shopping section to the top of their profiles.
The new feature called Shop Module offers a carousel of products for visitors to browse.
The social networking giant mentioned that the pilot test is presently limited to iOS devices for people who use the service in English. Tapping on a product will link to a listing with the option of making a purchase without having to leave Twitter.
Talking about the feature, Twitter said, “People talk about products on Twitter everyday, so we’re excited about how this early exploration of the Shop Module can build a bridge between people talking about and discovering products on Twitter to actually purchasing them.”
Twitter also said that presently it is testing the feature with small brands which include GameStop, Arden Cove and others in the US. The company has not yet revealed the timeline as to when it will completely roll out the feature or expand the brands.
Other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram already offer the feature of shopping within the app.
Recently, Twitter revealed that it is testing a new feature which will inform the user if their account has been locked or suspended. Twitter is testing a new notices feature that will tell if you have been locked or suspended for violating Twitter rules.
The new Twitter notices will offer additional information and guidance to the users whose account is locked or suspended. In case your account has been permanently suspended then you can submit an appeal. And if your account is locked then you will gain full access after a week.

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