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Using Amazon Echo Show 10? Microphone and camera privacy controls you need to be aware of – Times of India

July 27, 2021

Amazon Echo Show 10 is the latest smart speaker from the house of the e-commerce giant. The Echo Show 10, as the name suggests, has a 10-inch display attached to the speaker. Now, with a display comes a camera and with a camera often come privacy concerns. Not to forget the microphones that are there on Echo devices. However, Amazon has upped the privacy ante with the Echo Show 10 and here are some controls on the speaker that maintain your privacy.
For starters, there are user controls available like a microphone and camera off button, and a built-in shutter to cover the camera. This way your privacy can be maintained at all times.
The Echo Show 10 comes with a display that swivels depending on the settings you have on. When motion is initiated, Echo Show 10 analyses microphone and camera inputs to approximate your location relative to the device and orient the screen towards you when you are interacting with Alexa. This motion processing takes place completely on the device, and no images or video are sent to the cloud as part of this feature. So all your images and videos remain secure and private.
Motion processing can be controlled or set depending on the users’ preferences. For instance, you can have it on for all all activities – listening to music, asking questions, watching videos, and more.
Or you can turn it on for select activities only. For instance, the display will rotate if you are doing video calls or watching videos and displaying recipes for ease of use. If that also doesn’t work you then there’s always Alexa. You can have the rotate feature on request by simple using the command, “Alexa, follow me.”

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