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What Are The Dangers Of The Sitting Society: How To Be Healthy In The Era Of Computers

September 22, 2021

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Working at a desk all day long is very common in today’s society. Technology has made it possible to do a wide spectrum of jobs from behind a desk and accomplish so much. You may work in an office setting or you may work from home but if you are sitting all day long that can take a toll on your mind and your body.

Now is the time to take an assessment of what is going on with your mind and body because of it. If you sit at a desk for hours per day, you may be oblivious to the negative effects it has had on you.

Your posture may not be what it once was and that can make you appear older. It can also put additional pressure on the joints. Both will make you uncomfortable and they can reduce your quality of life over time.

Mentally, you may be feeling fogging and not as alert as you should be. This is why you should always tackle the hardest of your tasks first thing in the morning. As the amount of time increases that you spend behind a desk, the more likely you are to slow down and to make mistakes.

Both your mind and body may be experiencing stress and fatigue due to the hours you spend behind a desk. This can result in pain, irritability, headaches, and just not feeling yourself. It can prevent you from accomplishing your goals at work. It can also leave you too ran down to take part in exercising or socializing at the end of the work day. Resources are also included…

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